Why does it take so long to even see something working?
Getting working software in place within a planned time frame can be a difficult, long-lasting pain. Time-to-market takes too long, with lengthy intervals in-between software delivery.
Knowledge transfer between development, operations and maintenance teams is suboptimal when they don’t meet live regularly. Training new hires takes longer than it should.

See how Nais Software helps you
Disparate coding practices keep slowing you down
Always over budget!
Distributed development efforts cause great chaos
Nais can help by implementing a Software Factory.
Your software development will become agile and performing. Scale or geography are not necessarily barriers to success. But estimating the right cost of a project’s scope is a threshold that can only be overcome when all stakeholders understand each other and speak the same language.

Nais Software assists you with the right services, such as:
  • Select and implement best Patterns & Practices, and Application Blocks
  • Fixed price projects
  • Project management
  • Coach junior developers
  • Performance tuning
  • Testing strategy advice: Unit, Integration and Acceptance-Testing
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